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Siracusa Free Tour

Siracusa, Sicily Free Walking Tour

Ortigia Free
Walking Tour
Dec 29, 2015 and
Jan 5, 2016
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Event highlights
Settimana della musica sacra di Monreale
55. Sacred music festival
Monreale (Pa)
October 30 - November 8

Chagall love and life - Catania
Exhibition: Chagall, love and life
October 18 - February 14

 ChocoModica 2015
ChocoModica 2015
Modica (Rg)
December 5-8

Norma al teatro greco di Siracusa
Greek Theater of Syracuse
4, 10, 18, 25 July




Sightseeing tours in south-eastern Sicily

Images about Sicily

Flights & Airports

Alibus, the shuttle bus from Catania to Fontanarossa airport

Alibus Catania FontanarossaThere is a useful shuttle bus service, the "Alibus" between the town of Catania and the airport "Bellini" Fontanarossa (CTA). This service was activated in December 2014 and replaces the old urban bus n. 457. The bus service is active on weekdays and holidays and the frequency is about 25 minutes.The terminal is at the Fontanarossa airport. The bus takes about 20 minutes to arrive to the central train station of Catania then the itinerary continues crossing Catania (15 bus stops) and the main interchanges. Before its returning to the aiport the shuttle bus stops a second time at the train station to pick up the departing passengers. The travel time between the airport and the train station is about 20 minutes. The Alibus tickets cost 4 € and it can be used for 90 minutes an all local AMT busses.

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Bus tranfer from the airport of Palermo

Alibus Aeroporto Punta Raisi - Palermo (autolinee Prestia e Comandè)The international airport Falcone-Borsellino of Palermo, Punta Raisi (PMO) is connected to Palermo and other Sicilian destinations by regular bus lines. Here, below, are the main public transfers run by private bus lines :


Bus transfer Airport Falcone-Borsellino <=> Palermo


The service is carried out by Prestia & Comandè bus lines  and connects the airport of Palermo with the central train station (last stop). The run lasts about 50 minutes and there are 9 bus stops before the last stop at the train station. During peak times the frequency of busses is one every 30 minutes. The first bus departs at 5 am and the last at midnight. It is also possible to book the tickets online. The tickets cost € 6,30 for one run. Otherwise it's also possible to buy the tickets on the bus or at the ticket office at Palermo airport. The complete timetable and the updated fares are published on the website of Prestia & Comandè bus lines (also in English language). There it's also possible to download a smartphone app to follow the position of the busses in real time.

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The airport of Comiso

View of the airport of Comiso (Ragusa, Sicily)The airport of Comiso (CIY) is a new air terminal in Sicily (opening: May/June 2013), in the southeastern part of the island, in the area of Ragusa. Thanks to its position this airport is a good landing base for those that are looking for a beach holiday along the southern coast of Sicily (e.g. Sampieri, Marina di Ragusa, Scoglitti), for a cultural tour among the baroque Unesco world heritages (Noto, Ragusa, Modica, Scicli) or to explore the location of famous sicilian film ad tv serials like inspector Montalbano. The airport of Comiso is far about 1 hour by car from the Catania Fontanarossa airport and is a good alternative for clow-cost airlines. During the eruptions of mount Etna it can also be a substitutive destination if the airport of Catania is closed.

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Airport Catania Fontanarossa closed in November

The international airport Catania Fontanarossa will be closed due to maintenance works from November 5, 2012 until December 5, 2012.

Passengers will depart and arrive at an other airport and then reach Catania with a Shutlle-bus service. At the moment it's not sure which airport will be used, either Palermo, Reggio Calabria or the military airport Sigonella near Catania.

Airlines continue to sell tickets for Catania destination but often passengers are not informed of this inconvenient.

It is possible to read news about the situation on the official website of the airport of Catania.



During the closure month of the international airport Fontanarossa - Catania, the flights will use the military airport Sigonella, few kilometers from Fontanarossa.

Check in and arrival will be at the Fontanarossa building and there will be a shuttle bus service between the two airports.

For departures it will be necessary to be 3 hous in advance at the Fontanarossa airport for check in and transfer operations.


Flying during the eruptions of mount Etna

Flights and Etna eruptions

Mount Etna is the biggest active Vulcan in Europe. It raises high upon Catania and it's airport Fontanarossa. Besides the massive lava eruptions it often shows his activiy with explosions of small glowing rocks and ashes (which fall on surrounding villages) and high smoke columns. Although Catania's airport is not in danger to be hit by the lava, sometimes flights are reduced or the airport is even closed for the bad view or for the ash clouds, which could damnage the airplans. Often newspapers report in a too catastrofic way, but if you plan to arrive or depart from Catania's airport in the period of an eruption of the vulcan you should better take previous information. The website of Catania Fontanarossa Airport (in italian and english) is always updated about the state of flights. Usually the air companies inform their clients about changes in time, but in case of activity of Mount Etna it can happen that the airport is closed from one moment to the other. Sometimes it depends on the direction of the wind whether the ashes are going to fall on the airport's site or not. What possibilities are there for the passengers ? Mainly flights delay for cleaning work on the runway.

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