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Biennale d'arte di Palermo
2. Art Biennial
11-25 January

Sagra del mandorlo in fiore 2015
Almond blossom festival 2015
8-15 February

 Carnevale di Acireale 2015
Carnival of Acireale 2015
Acireale (Catania)
from January 31
Festa di Sant'Agata 2015 a Catania
St. Agatha Feast
3rd-5th February 2015




Sightseeing tours in south-eastern Sicily

Images about Sicily

The airport of Comiso


View of the airport of Comiso (Ragusa, Sicily)The airport of Comiso (CIY) is a new air terminal in Sicily (opening: May/June 2013), in the southeastern part of the island, in the area of Ragusa. Thanks to its position this airport is a good landing base for those that are looking for a beach holiday along the southern coast of Sicily (e.g. Sampieri, Marina di Ragusa, Scoglitti), for a cultural tour among the baroque Unesco world heritages (Noto, Ragusa, Modica, Scicli) or to explore the location of famous sicilian film ad tv serials like inspector Montalbano. The airport of Comiso is far about 1 hour by car from the Catania Fontanarossa airport and is a good alternative for clow-cost airlines. During the eruptions of mount Etna it can also be a substitutive destination if the airport of Catania is closed.


The airport of Comiso (aka "Vincenzo Magliocco" or "Pio La Torre") was built in an abandoned NATO airbase. It is only 5 Kilometers far from the little town of Comiso, 20 Kilometers from Ragusa and 90 Kilometers from Catania15 Km da Ragusa e 90 Km da Catania. The airport entrance is on the SP 5 (Vittoria-Cannamellito-Pantaleo) street. It's possible to have a look at the exact position on Google Maps.

Airlines flying on Comiso

Airport of Comiso (Ragusa, Sicily)The first airline flying on Comiso will be Ryanair with flights from Rome Ciampino, London and Bruxelles. Charter flights are also available from Malta. Other airlines have already confirmed future flights on Comiso airstation. From November 2013 Alitalia will operate the route Milan Linate - Comiso.

They are: Alitalia, Tunisair, AirOne, Volotea e Jet2.com

Website and WiFi

Further information about the airport are available on the official website: www.soaco.it . Inside the airport it's possible to use a free WiFi internet hotspot (free for 30 minutes). It's possible to login using a Facebook account or through registration (password will be sent with sms).


Taxi, busses and transfers from Comiso airport

The taxi service from Comiso is active. This are the official fares (autumn 2013).

 Taxi fares from Comiso airport to:  
Comiso, Vittoria, Chiaramonte Gulfi  € 10 
Ragusa, Santa Croce, Kamarina, Kastalia,  Scoglitti   €25
Modica, Scicli, Donnalucata, Marina di Ragusa,  € 35
Gela, Vizzini, Licodia Eubea  € 50
Pozzallo, Marina di Modica, Sampieri, Ispica, Caltagirone  € 60
Licata, Noto, Avola, Palazzolo Acreide, Marzamemi, Portopalo  € 80
Catania, Aeroporto Catania, Siracusa, Agrigento  € 110
Taormina  € 180
Messina  € 200
Palermo  € 300


The AST lines offer a bus service between Comiso airport and Ragusa according to this timetable:


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Ragusa (via Zama)  7.05 pm 3.00 pm  4.50 pm -  8.00 pm 6.40 am 6.40 am
APT Comiso  7.50 pm 3.45 pm  5.35 pm -  8.45 pm 7.25 am  7.25 am
APT Comiso  8.55 pm 4.50 pm  6.40 pm -  9.50 pm 8.30 am  8.30 am
Ragusa (via Zama) 9.40 pm 5.35 pm 7.25 pm - 10.35 pm 9.15 am 9.15 am

updated: October 2013 further information at AST


Distances from the airport

Below are the distances between the airport of Comiso and the main Sicilian touristic destinations:

  • Ragusa: 20 Km
  • Syracuse: 87 Km
  • Catania: 91 Km
  • Agrigento: 117 Km
  • Taormina: 143 Km
  • Palermo: 240 Km


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Foto credits: Intermed/Aeroporto di Comiso


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