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Ospitalità a Siracusa e Pozzallo. Alloggi autentici, dotati di tutti i comfort e posti in zone molto centrali, accomunati dall’amore per la bellezza, la storia, la cultura e la natura. Punti di partenza ideali per visitare la costa sud-orientale della nostra meravigliosa isola.



 Syracuse Free Walking Tou

Syracuse Free Walking Tour

Every Tuesday & Friday afternoon (summer months and Christmas period)

Last updated: November 7, 2020


Updates information for tourists about Corona virus situation in Sicily

corona virus sicily situation


Starting from November 6, 2020 according by the new decisions of the Italian government, Sicily is classified as "orange area" (intermedium) for the Covid emergency. Beside the national emergency measures it's not allowed to move between Sicily and other regions and in Sicily between different towns, except for work, study or health reasons. Traveling for tourism is not allowed. Moving to return to your home is always allowed. This rules will be applied for at least 15 days and the decree-law is valid until December 3, 2020.

For official updates about allowed activities and Covid situation in Sicily visit the the Sicilian regional official website for information about the corona virus disease: http://www.siciliacoronavirus.it/

If you are arriving to Sicily from another country an online registration is required. The form is available on the website of regional health department.


Moving in Sicily

In towns it's possible to move without permessions between 5 am and 10 pm. Outside your town or at a different time a self-compiled permission form is required and it's allowed only for work, health or study reasons. Wearing a mask is mandatory outside your home, near other people and social distancing (1 m is required). Moving with a body temperature >37,5°C is not allowed and there are temperature checks in many public places.

Situation at the airports

All Sicilian airports are open. There are health checks at the airports. A self-certification is required form traveling (2 copies). The form can be downloaded form Catania airport's website.

Situation of the hotels

There are no restrictions for the hotels conformed with antiCovid guidelines. The restaurants of the hotels are open for their customers. Although the closure of hotels in not required by the last national decisions, many hotels have decide for closure.

Restaurants and bars

Restaurants, bars and coffee houses can open only between 5 am and 10 pm for take-away or home delivery.

Public transport

Busses and trains are running but only at 50% of their passenger capacity.

Archaeological sites, museum and monuments

Museum, archaeological sites and monuments in Sicily will be closed until December 3, 2020.

Guided tours

Although guided tours are not expressly prohibited it's not possible to run tours due to the traveling limitations and closure of the monuments.


We will regularly updated this post with information for tourists which are visiting Sicily or plan to visit the island.






domenica al museo

Free entrance every first Sunday of the month at regional sites