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Ospitalità a Siracusa e Pozzallo. Alloggi autentici, dotati di tutti i comfort e posti in zone molto centrali, accomunati dall’amore per la bellezza, la storia, la cultura e la natura. Punti di partenza ideali per visitare la costa sud-orientale della nostra meravigliosa isola.



 Syracuse Free Walking Tou

Syracuse Free Walking Tour

Every Tuesday & Friday afternoon (summer months and Christmas period)

Parking in Syracuse, SicilySyracuse, is only the fourth sicilian town in size in spite of there is often heavy traffic and it's difficult to find a parking place during the rush hours. This article contains some useful suggestions for tourists about parking in Syracuse to visit the main monuments of the Syracuse.

The old town center, Ortygia, is an absolute "must" for those visiting Syracuse. Ortygia is a small quarter located on a little island which is linked with the mainland with three bridges. On the little island, full of charme, are some of the most importan monuments of Syracuse: the cathedral, the Apollo temple, the Aretusa fountain and the Maniace castle. Moving through Ortygia with a car is a bit difficult because of the little roads and the many one way traffic signs. Before entering into the island there are the  ZTL (limited traffic zone) stop lights.

Before trespassing, look always carefully that they are not red (the activation times of the ZTL are often modified but the entrance is often forbidden during the week-ends). If you have an accomodation in Ortygia, ask if it has a private parking (like the Grand Hotel Ortigia) or reserved parking spots and if it is possible to receive a temporary access pass to Ortygia.

Syracuse parking map

Download the parking map in pdf format

If you are not going to overnight in Syracuse or your accomodation is in another part of the town, it's possible to use one of the parking area at the entrance of the town center. The largest one is the parking Molo Sant'Antonio (along via Bengasi/via Rodi), at only 5 minutes walk from the island. It's a "pay and display" car park with automatic ticket machines (€ 1,00/hour for cars, updated 2016). At the molo Sant'Antonio parking are also toilets, a little bar and, the stations of the bike-sharing service. In front of the car park is also a bus stop where it's possible to take the shuttle bus to Ortygia or to the main monuments (frequency about 30 minutes, ticket € 1, updated 2016).

Molo San Antonio parking in Syracuse, SicilyOn the island Ortygia, turning right after the Santa Lucia bridge, it's possible to reach the two Marina car parks (one with automatic ticket machine, the second, more expensive, with an attendant). These two parking areas are small and often full. On the other side of the island, turning left after the bridge are the Talete parking  (€ 1/hour, € 10/day) and the parking lot of piazza delle Poste , recognizable by the blue stripes.

The paid parking spots with blue stripes are in the whole town. If there isn't a ticket machine, you must buy a ticket at a "Tabacchi" shop (€ 0,80/hour or 2,50 € for the whole morning or afternoon). Most parking spots are free before 9 am, between 1 pm and 4 pm and after 8 pm).

There are few free parking spots in Ortygia. Avoid the yellow stripes, these spots are reserved for residents.

Another "must", visiting Syracuse, is the archaeological park "Neapolis", here are the latomie, the Greek theater and the Ear of Dyonisius. There aren't large car parks in this area but it's not difficult to find a free parking spot (except on the afternoon, during the classical plays) along the nearby roads: viale Augusto or via Ettore Romagnoli (both, free parking and paid parking, tickets avaiable at the souvenir shops). On the other side of the park, in via Giuseppe Agnello, is a private parking. From there it's necessary to walk back to buy the entrance tickets to the archeological park.

Talete parking in SyracuseSadly, in Syracuse, like in many other sicilian towns, there are sometimes illegal parking attendans demanding fees for parking help. These people are not authorized but a lot of drivers choose to give them a free offer.

Of great interest for visitors is also the town area whith the "Paolo Orsi" archelogical museum, the St. Johns catacombs and the Madonna of tears shrine. It's only 10 minutes walk from the archeological park or you can look for a parking spot in the paid parking area of piazza San Giovanni. During work days it's a bit difficult to find free parking in this area.

Syracuse has also a public bus transport service but it isn't very efficient (few and not punctual runs). It's also possible to use the modern taxi service to move around. Free taxis are always parked in front of the archeological park, at the Jolly Hotel in Corso Gelone, at the train station and near the Apollo temple in Ortygia. You can also call a taxi with the radiotaxi service.(phone 0699 330555 - +39 327 9761424).

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