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Ospitalità a Siracusa e Pozzallo. Alloggi autentici, dotati di tutti i comfort e posti in zone molto centrali, accomunati dall’amore per la bellezza, la storia, la cultura e la natura. Punti di partenza ideali per visitare la costa sud-orientale della nostra meravigliosa isola.



 Syracuse Free Walking Tou

Syracuse Free Walking Tour

Every Tuesday & Friday afternoon (summer months and Christmas period)

The traffic in Italy and in Sicily particullary is a bit caotic and in the major towns in can be difficult to find a free parking spot near the main monuments. It's the case of Palermo , the main Sicilian town. Parking your car in the old town center can be a real adventure. In Palermo are also often demonstrations on the main streets and near the Norman's palace (it's the seat of the regional parliament) which bring to traffic jams. A lot of the most visited monuments of Palermo are next to each other, so it can be a good idea to park your car and have a little walk for the visit. In this way you can visit the norman palace with its palatine chapel, San Giovanni agli eremiti church and then continue to the cathedral, piazza Pretoria with San Cataldo church, the Martorana and at last the theaters area where it's also possible to visit the oratories of Santa Cita and San Lorenzo with the famous stuccoworks of Serpotta. In the town center a lot of parking spots are reserved for residents with a pass, so pay attention at the traffic signsi. There are also a lot of blue stripes parking spots (where you need a ticket, price varies). At free parking spots, sadly, you will often encounter illegal parkers. Good places to find free parking are near piazza Marina or Foro Italico.

If you are looking for a parking, without wasting time, here you can find a list of parkings near the old town center of Palermo:



Parking Piazza Orlando (piazza Vittorio Emanuele Orlando 49): it's a 4 levels parking (more than 600 parking spots). It's open night and day and the hourly rate is € 1,60 (max 12 €/day). It's possible to pay cash or with credit card. The Orlando parking is nearby to the Teatro Massimo, the cathedral and the "capo" street market.. Link:


Parking Piazza Ungheria (piazzale Ungheria): it's open 24 hours a day. The rate, from 8 am to 8 pm is € 1,50/hour and 1 € for 12 hours from 8 pm to 8 am. There is place for 200 cars. This parking has a good position for visiting the teatro Massimo or Politeama or also the oratories with Serpotta's stucoworks. Link: http://www.amat.pa.it/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=332&Itemid=134


Parking Amari (habour) (via Amari): this parking is a bit out of the way but it is guarded and has video surveillance. There are 150 parking spots and it's open 24 hours a day. This parking is nearby to the cruise ships dock, the Castello al mare and the Politeama theater. Link: http://www.portpalermo.it/it/home/il-porto-di-palermo/servizi-portuali-/area-parcheggio-e-servizio-shuttle


Parking in via Ernesto Basile (Università): This parking is a bit out of the way too. If you park here you should take a bus to reach the town centerPalermo parking ticket (fonte: AMAT) (e.g. N. 108). This parking is located in via Ernesto Basile, one of the main streets which link via della Regione Siciliana (at the end of the freeway) with the town center. This parking has place for about 1000 cars. You'll need a ticket from 7 am to 8 pm and it's free during the night. The ticket rate is 2 € or 3 € together with a bus ticket. Link:


Along the main streets are often blue stripes parking spots. To park here you'll need to buy a ticket at the automatic machines or in Tabacchi shops. The rates varies depending of the location. You will find shields with the designation of the parking area (P1,P2...). Rates varies betweena 0,50 €/hour and 1 €/hour. Updated information are available at the websites of the two agencies AMAT and APCOA.

photo credits: M.G.Saaved/Fotolia, Map: Sicily-Holiday on Openstreetmap layer, amat



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