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Ospitalità a Siracusa e Pozzallo. Alloggi autentici, dotati di tutti i comfort e posti in zone molto centrali, accomunati dall’amore per la bellezza, la storia, la cultura e la natura. Punti di partenza ideali per visitare la costa sud-orientale della nostra meravigliosa isola.



 Syracuse Free Walking Tou

Syracuse Free Walking Tour

Every Tuesday & Friday afternoon (summer months and Christmas period)

Trains are not the best public transport service in Sicily because they are often old and slow. Some touristic lines are although an interesting choiche for the visitors. It's the case of the "Baroque train", a seasonal line active on specific dates, between Syracuse and the baroque towns of south-eastern Sicily, The train stops at the towns which are in the Unesco world heritage list, in this part of Sicily: Syracuse, Noto, Scicli, Modica and Ragusa. This railway is sadly little used nowadays but offers great panoramas of the Noto valley: traditional sicilian countryside, the blue sealine and the typical dry stone walls.


The baroque train is not a rapid link between towns but a touristic service, a sort of museum-train with services for visitors. Each train stops lasts at least one hour giving the possibility to visit the historical centers and then return to the train to continue the trip.

The baroque train service is organized from year to year in different ways. At the end of the winter months, Trenitalia and the towns which take part at the event, publish the program (timetable, days, tickets) for the new season which usually goes from spring to the beginning of autumn. In the last years the baroque train has used, sometimes, a romantic steam locomotive or old coaches. In some years some coaches where fitted out like a museum of Sicilian traditions or there were folk groups playing music during the way. Often the municipalities organize shuttle-busses, guided visits or typical products tastings, included in the ticket costs.

For further informations it is possible to ask at the tourism offices of Modica, Noto, Syracuse, Ragusa and Scicli. The baroque train departs in the morning and returns back in the late afternoon.

Train of the Baroque 2017

There are four dates for the Train of the Baroque 2017, all with departure from Syracuse: on July 30 and August 20 to Noto and Modica and on August 6 and September 3 to Scicli and Ragusa. There will be a long stop at the baroque towns and it will be possible to join a free tour of the town center or to take free time. Tickets can be purchased at the train stations. The fare is € 20 for adults and € 10 for children.

Baroque train 2017


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Baroque train timetable



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