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Syracuse Free Walking Tour

Every Tuesday & Friday afternoon (summer months and Christmas period)

  • The most beautiful Sicilian Christmas cribs

    Sicilian Christmas cribThe art of making artistic Christmas cribs is a very ancient tradition in Sicily, which has seen great masters at work on the island. The tecniques are often handed down from father to son. Some of these nativity scenes, centuries-old, are still existing today and open to visitors. A lot of different materials were used to realize the cribs: wood, ivory, terracotta, bone, coral, wax but also silver and gold. The scene was often represented in the typical sicilian countryside or among classical ruins.

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  • Visiting the best Sicilian living Christmas cribs

    Christmas crib in CustonaciChristmas cribs are a typical Italian and Sicilian tradition. Almost every family has its own "presepe", a nativity scene, and most towns also organize a living christmas crib. The representation may last only for the holy night or for the whole period of the Christmas holidays. The Sicilian panorama, with its canyons is perfect for the living nativity scenes. These include not only the holy family. In some cases tens of actors create a wonderful atmosfere. Handicrafts of the Sicilian tradition are also represented. If you are travelling to Sicily during Christmas time, a visit to one of the living Christmas cribs is almost a "must". But where are the best Sicilian living cribs ? Here is a small list of the most famous "presepi viventi".

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