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  • Bus transfers from Catania Fontanarossa airport

    Information about bus companies and destination from Catania Fontanarossa airport.

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  • Flying during the eruptions of mount Etna

    Flying during Mt. Etna eruptionMount Etna is the biggest active Vulcan in Europe. It raises high upon Catania and it's airport Fontanarossa. Besides the massive lava eruptions it often shows his activiy with explosions of small glowing rocks and ashes (which fall on surrounding villages) and high smoke columns. Although Catania's airport is not in danger to be hit by the lava, sometimes flights are reduced or the airport is even closed for the bad view or for the ash clouds, which could damnage the airplans. Often newspapers report in a too catastrofic way, but if you plan to arrive or depart from Catania's airport in the period of an eruption of the vulcan you should better take previous information. The website of Catania Fontanarossa Airport (in italian and english) is always updated about the state of flights. Usually the air companies inform their clients about changes in time, but in case of activity of Mount Etna it can happen that the airport is closed from one moment to the other. Sometimes it depends on the direction of the wind whether the ashes are going to fall on the airport's site or not. What possibilities are there for the passengers ? Mainly flights delay for cleaning work on the runway.

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  • Security checks at Catania airport

    Catania Fontanarossa airportSecurity has been strengthened at airports and train stations in Sicily and elsewhere in Italy after the terror attacks which hit Brussels on Tuesday morning.


    Catania Fontanarossa airport - new security checks


    Important Travel Information:

    According to local media and local Italian Government sources, due to increased security measures passengers traveling through Catania Airport are being screened outside the airport. This is causing delays in the check-in process.
    Airport authorities are advising passengers to arrive at least two hours prior to their flight and to be prepared to wait outside in possible inclement weather. Also, all passengers must bring their pre-printed plane ticket to get into the airport. Passengers are encouraged to check with their airline for possible flight delays and for further information.

    (DISCLAIMER: Please note that the above travel advisories outlined are taken from Italian media and Italian government's press releases and are presented as tentative and subject to confirmation. Always make sure you check with transportation providers and reconfirm travel arrangements.
    The NASSIG PAO cannot assume any kind of liability for any damage, loss, injury orinconvenience sustained by any person resulting from any information published on this media roundup or from any kind of changes, such as scheduled times, cancellations etc. mentioned or not on this message. We strongly encourage you to verify any strike information that might interferewith your travel plans with your ticket office or with your carrier.)

    Photo credits: gnuckx/Flickr

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