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Syracuse Free Walking Tour

Every Tuesday & Friday afternoon (summer months and Christmas period)

  • How to enjoy the feast of St. Lucy in Syracuse

    St. Lucy procession in SyracuseThe St. Lucy's procession in Syracuse is, togheter with Santa Rosalia in Palermo and Sant'Agata in Catania, one of the most important religious events in Sicily. It takes place every 13th December to celebrate the martyr of Syracuse. After lunch (about 3 pm), the silver statue of St. Lucy which is preserved in the cathedral all over the year, is taken out to Piazza Duomo. The square is crowded with people who want to see the procession. St. Lucy is the patron of Syracuse. The men of the brotherhood of the "green berets" carry the antique silver statue. After an initial firework, the procession moves to the Aretusa spring.Nearby the statue walk the archbishop, the major and the carabinieri in dress uniform. The silver reliquary with a bone of St. Lucy is also part of the procession and carried by women. After the Aretusa spring, the statue moves to Porta Marina and then to the Umbertino bridge to exit from Ortygia.

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